Arko Men Extra Performance Shaving Gel Facebook Game

A Facebook game designed for Arko Men Extra Performance Shaving Gel.

Arko Men, a leader men personal care brand in Turkey, wanted us to promote their new shaving gel, Extra Performance. This product promises to the consumers extra performance during shaving, extra smooth and extra slippery. 
So, we designed a Facebook game about shaving for the target audience.
In Turkey, there is a urban legend saying apprentices in barber shops used to train and proof themselves over shaving a balloon. If you can shave a balloon without bursting it with the razor, you were done.  
Building on that idea, we allow the audience to take a part in this legend and shave their own balloons. Of course by using Arko Men Extra Performance Shaving Gel, it was impossible to burst the balloon but still they needed to be careful because the more they shave, the more they get a chance to win. 
The game is currently on (28.10.2013) on Facebook. You can pay a visit here: Click!
Screen shots from the game:
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